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Motorcycle Repair

Motorcycle Repair

At RPM’s Cycles, you’ll find that we offer a variety of services to help your bike remain in premium condition–all throughout the year.

Keeping Your Ride in Mint Condition After spending thousands on your new bike, you want to keep it in mint condition. Trust the experienced and certified technicians at our shop for the preventive motorcycle maintenance you need. Our maintenance services include:

» Engine Oil & Oil Filter Changes Every 1,500 Miles

» Chain Adjustments & Sprockets

» Brake Pad Adjustments

» Coolant Flushes

» Air Filter Replacements

» Tire Pressure Services

» Air Cleaner Services

» Spark Plug Repairs & Replacements

» Fuel Line Services

» Throttle Valve Synchronization

» Carburetor Synchronization

» Throttle Clutch Cable Adjustments

» Front & Rear Suspension Services

» Chassis Bolt & Nut Tightening Services

Affordable Maintenance for All Makes & Models Whether you ride a Suzuki® or a Yamaha®, our team offers the prompt motorcycle maintenance services you need to keep your ride in good condition.

Creating a Custom Ride In addition to motorcycle maintenance services, our team also offers custom work to make your ride look more unique. From adding a simple airbrushed logo to complete engine rebuilds, we do it all in creating your custom ride. Custom work includes, but is not limited to:

» Paint & Airbrushing Services

» Wide Tire Kit Services

» Engine & Engine Rebuilds

» Suspension Services

» Electrical Services

» Custom Seating Installations

» Custom Lighting Services

» Complete Custom Builds

We do state inspection! You must have a valid, current registration

This are some of the services we provide.


Oil Change

  • Highly recommend to replace the engine oil every 1500 miles or at least every six months whichever comes first.

Full Tune-ups

  • As a preventative measure, motorcycle tune-ups should be performed once a season or every 3000 miles, whichever comes first). Our tune-ups are consist of:
  1. Oil and oil filter change
  2. Air filter clean/replace
  3. Clutch check
  4. Battery service
  5. Tire pressure check
  6. Electrical system check
  7. Bolt tightening
  8. Fork oil check/add
  9. Spark plug replace
  10. Drive chain lube& tighten
  11. Coolant check/add
  12. Brake pads check and adjustment/replace
  13. Timing chain check

Calibrations with Dynamometer

  • Our in house Dynojet dynamometer accurately gauges your horsepower and torque values and helps in fine tuning performance upgrades.

State Inspections

  • You must have a valid, current registration

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